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Unlock the Future of Pain Management

At Equanimity-AI, we understand that managing chronic pain is akin to navigating a storm without a map or compass. Our mission is to alleviate the burden of chronic pain for patients and healthcare professionals alike. We aim to redefine the landscape of chronic pain management internationally by utilizing the BioPsychoSocial model and advanced AI technology.


Our Innovation

Equanimity AI offers a groundbreaking approach to chronic pain management through personalized care using objective biopsychosocial data, continuous remote monitoring, and tailored feedback. We create a "pain compass" and a "pain map" to guide physicians, ensuring that care is always precisely tailored to the patient's needs and conditions.

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Our Platform Benefits

Decision Support Tool

Precisely evaluate, monitor, and track changes in chronic pain.

Multi-Factorial Analysis

Fuse data from smartwatches, smartphones, biometrics, location, phone usage, and voice analytics.

Enhanced Assessment​

Objective scales and insights during the assessment phase.​

Increased patient engagement

Let patients seamlessly track and share their chronic pain experience.

AI-Driven Insights

Generate personalized chronic pain monitoring and insights dashboards for physicians.

By leveraging objective and subjective data from the entire biopsychosocial spectrum, we optimize pain management with data-driven insights, reducing manual entries, patient-reported outcome questionnaires, and human resource costs. This improves clinical accuracy, better patient outcomes, and increased practice efficiency.

Boosting Clinic Revenue


Saving Resources


Unlocking new revenue


Driving volume

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